Nobody Is Drinking! Change of Pace.

me2The Isle of Drunk has been pretty slow. A few folks trying to buy beer after 4:00am, but for the most part, very slow. I guess the excitement will have to wait until season gets here.

Mini-season starts just after Thanksgiving. The snowbirds who just can’t wait any longer in the year will pack their RVs and matching Jeep Libertys to head South and open up their winter homes.

It is nice to see some familiar faces, find out who didn’t fair so well over the last 10 months and who isn’t making the return trip, ever again.

All that aside, I have been looking into life changes. Ranch purchased, check. Retirement planned for, not so check. I have built a couple of businesses along the way, but nothing to absolutely fund my Golden years, however far off that may be.

I recently finished up KeysRing, a great site for vacationers to really start to get a feel for the Keys before ever getting here. That is growing daily. So maybe someday down the road that pays off.

I decided to close my t-shirts business, sadly after PayPal screwed me so badly I really had no other choice. So these days I just do limited edition designs, get 100 or so printed and sell them to the folks who were my die-hard customers. It’s nice to have fans for something you put your creativity into.

So back to career changes. While I thoroughly enjoy the Late Night Pump Life, this is by no means a career choice or path to retirement for me. I have been looking around.

I looked briefly into working for the Department of the Army  in the Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System department in Key West until I was made aware that the job requires Top Secret clearance, which, let’s face it, ain’t never gonna happen for this guy.

My next option that I am looking into is the Florida FWC. While I won’t get to do my cool computer stuff, I could be a fish cop. I’m kind of down with that. Cruise around in a boat all day with the song “Bad Boy” from cops rattling around in my head. Measuring fish to make sure the fish criminals aren’t taking the fish runts. Investigating derelict boats, diving mishaps, illegal spear fishing etc.

Who knows, it’s an option. The good news is all the options are open. I don’t have to stay anywhere, any one place. I can move about and chase adventures.

Costa Rica is nice this time of year….

Today’s Interesting Fact:

The Army was in charge of exploring and mapping much of America. For example, the Lewis and Clark Expedition was comprised of Army officers and non-commissioned officers.

Updated: Drunk iPhone4 vs. Samsung Galaxy SII – Which hurts more?

appleiphonevssamsungs2_smallTonight I decided to depart from writing about drunk exploits on the rock and get back to my roots.

As none of you know, I was at one point in time a huge tech guy. I contributed code to many open source projects, fix some bugs along the way, wrote some software. You know, the same stuff everyone does these days.

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6 Out of 10 Drunks Agree: They Suck

25148610Key West Fantasy Fest is wrapping up this weekend. Guess who pulled a fill-in shift for the last night?

So, let’s see, drunk cuban, drunk cuban, drunk black dude, drunk white trash whores, drunk fatties, drunk muscle-heads, drunk hipsters, drunk faux superheroes, more drunk white girls, another random drunk black dude. I haven’t seen this kind of parade of shame since I pledged a frat in college. Oh, the obligatory drunk nerd made an appearance as well. Forget rinsing, just repeat. All night.

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